Club Rules


(5) Everyone should also be prepared to REMOVE said street wear at the designated time. The party is set to start
at 7pm, at 9pm, clothing comes OFF. The undress-code is undies/lingerie.Men and women will be allowed to keep
their undies/lingerie on IF THEY WISH, but they do not have to. Nudity is allowed and even encouraged. If you are attending
your first party you can take your time on how much you take off, but you must at least change into pajamas, sweat pants etc.
We don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable (i.e. you or our other guests).

(6) People are encouraged to bring soft drinks, snacks and munchies for themselves and to share.
We will provide what we can in the way of soft drinks and refreshments, but frankly that willdepend on our budgets...

(7) This is a SEX PARTY!!! There will have a sitting area that is a “relatively safe”, however,
people are pretty much allowed to do what they like where they like