Rules for Single Males from the Wife:


If you want to make sure you DONíT SUCCEED in this lifestyle, then DONíT READ THESE!
Chances are that not reading these rules could result in you getting your balls chopped off.
Just because I smile and say hello, does NOT mean, ďtake me, take me, take me! I want your hot love muscle right now!Ē When I say ďNo, thank youĒ in front of my husband, DO NOT assume I am then going to jump you and f#*k your brains out the minute hubby leaves the general vicinity! NO MEANS NO!!!! On a date, at a dance club, at the grocery store, at a party, OR in a swingerís club! Just because I may occasionally play with someone besides my husband SURE AS HELL does not mean I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU! My body is MINE! DO NOT touch it unless I tell you itís okay to. If, after both my husband and I getting to know you, we decide to include you in OUR sexual play activities, REALIZE this is an extremely RARE PRIVILEGE! And treat it as such! Show us BOTH respect! If we DO decide to play with you, and you do not treat it as the privilege it is, but instead talk about it to everyone else you know, TRUST ME, we will be your LAST swinging partners. No one likes guys who kiss & tell! If, on the other hand, we decide to play with you, and you are every bit as mature and respectful as we hope, and we all have a wonderful time, you can probably look forward to many more good times ahead! Donít think because I have played with you before that you have the right to play with me every time we see each other.
Donít flatter yourself. You may not have been that good. Just because I talk to you or dance with you doesnít give you the right to fondle me or touch me or kiss me. Ask first. Be a gentleman.If I invite you to play with me either alone or with myself and my partner, do not think you will be running the show. We play on my terms, by my rules; o