What Attracts Us To Swinging

Many couples are sexually aroused at thought of having sex with multiple partners.
They find swinging improves their relationship, both sexually & emotionally. Swinging can open up many aspects of relationships, both as friendships & romantic relationships.  It is refreshing to develop open relationship with people who have similar interests & attitudes.

Other couples & singles just feel that sex is a natural & enjoyable part of being human. Sex, then, is a natural part of friendship between these open-minded adults. These are people who are really can say, “Let’s just be friends” & “Friends can have sex,” in the same breath.

Swinging brings a lot of communication & openness to a relationship. Many couples find they are closer after they begin swinging. There is no need to keep feelings or desires to oneself.Every aspect of your feelings & preferences can be shared with your partner.They find that not only does their sexual knowledge of each other expand, but their emotional knowledge & communication ability as well.
Many couple feel that sharing these intimate acts, fantasies and turn-ons with your mate is a tremendous stimulant.

If we are really supposed to restrict our good feelings, then we should restrict how many roses we smell,
how many sunsets we see, how many barbecued chickens we smell, how many warm baths we take,
how many chocolate cakes we eat, how many pine forests we walk through, how many symphonies we listen to, and how many friends we have. For these stimulate us too. They turn us on. They arouse us and make us want to live life to the fullest.” - NASCA Guide to Swinging