Club Rules


1) The Main Rule. NO means NO. Yes, these are parties at which anything may happen,
BUT no one is to be pressured to do a thing they don't want to do. Coming to a party does NOT
mean that you are guaranteed to get laid. You might, but you also might not.

(2) By the same token, no one is allowed to pressure YOU to do anything that you do not wish to do.
If anyone tries to pressure you into doing anything, or is being unduly aggressive, let Evy, JP or Myself
know and the offending parties will be shown the door. **** MEN**** Women control how are parties go.
Some woman like to initiate conversation and some like the men to kind of chase or get the ball rolling so to speak. With that said, NO Male should touch a Female without prior approval.

(3) Our parties are B.Y.O.B (Bring your own Booze, batteries, etc.. LOL)

(4) Everyone should arrive in normal street wear.NOT streetwalker wear, street wear!!! We do NOT wish to attract undue attention from the hotel staff or other guests. We LIKE this hotel,and we'd like to be able to use them again!!!

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